How to make a standee cardboard cutout of yourself.

Fantastic Party Decorations!
You can do it with YOUR ink jet printer!
~ 3 Easy Steps ~
1. Print the photo in page-size segments (see how below)
2. Paste the pages onto cardboard
3. Cut away the background

(Look here for table top size acrylic photo cutouts as well as ornaments and magnets.)


Make these yourself for about $12

This life size standee is of my youngest son.  I made this standee and really had some fun with it.  I put it in the laundry room, and when my wife came around the corner, boy did she jump! 

On first impression, you really do think he's standing there because it's made to be his exact height.  That's why it's called "life size". 

The ink, paper, glue and cardboard will cost about $12-15. It will take you about 2 hours to make your first one.

Mattress stores have lots of big sheets of cardboard you can use.

To buy a custom made lifesize photo cutout would cost you nearly $200.  Yeah, it wouldn't have the little seams you see in the picture above, but two hundred dollars for no-seams?

You can make your own standee of foam core board purchased at art and stationery stores (use duct tape on the back as a hinge for easy transport) or even make a DIY cardboard cutout.

A perfect party decoration! Oh, man! Are these fun at a party. Put one in the bathroom and listen for the screams!

The whole trick to making life size cutouts, is to use Brad Couper's program called Almost Breathing to print the life-sized sculpture image across several pages. You can use it for 60 days end even get your money back!

How to make life size cardboard cutouts


This is how I spread the glue on the back of each print. 

You can use spray glue, but I wanted to be able to slide the pages into position and I don't think the spray-on glues allow that.

I used about 2/3rds of an 8 oz bottle to do the above cutout. 

That's a foam paint roller.  You could use a brush or even a sponge.


If you make your lifesize standee out of foam board or cardboard all you need to cut it is a knife


As you see above, the program segments the lifesize image into page size prints that you paste together into the finished standup. 

Look at the photo below. You will see the guide lines the software prints so you know just how to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  It even numbers each print by column and row, but who needs that? I mean you know what he looks like, right?

Photo showing all the page size segments that make up a completed cutout

Something kind of neat it does is allow you to NOT print the parts of your lifesize photo that will be cut away in the standee.

Look at the photo above and see that the corner pages were not printed because they were not needed to print my son's picture.  Pretty cool!

Speaking of not printing pages, the software allows you to go back and print any of the pages you want in case you mess one up.  You don't have to reprint the whole thing!

To me, the coolest thing the software does is it lets you determine how tall (in inches or metric) you want the final lifesize standup to be! 

You can make a lifesize cutout of a child and it will be just as tall as the child is! See the picture below really is lifesize! Planning a party? Hmmmm.


Brad tells me the program runs on all computers that have Mac, Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 or 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.  Boy!  That's pretty much all of them.

You download the program to your hard drive and start using it right away.  Picture too dark, too light, too anything? No problem!  The program even has a FREE built-in image editor to help you improve your photos.  And it's real easy to use.

Make as many LIFEsize cutouts as you want

It comes with an e-book which has some GREAT tips, like how to save ink by blanking out all the background before you print.  (I forgot to do that with my son's cutout!!)

CLICK THIS to go to Brad's place where you can download the software and ebook.

Go see Brad's program now

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